Greetings from the Mayor

Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theater and Art is celebrating the 20th year since it’s founding. 20 years of original and unique work, which characterizes the festival as one of the most important cultural initiatives in Bat Yam and in Israel overall. For three days, the Bat Yam promenade will be filled with dozens of artists from Israel and around the world presenting a variety of spectacular works. Proud horses next to grown-up children, Galileo next to an Italian all-women street band. All these and many more shows will paint the streets of the city in this unique and wonderful festival. The city of Bat Yam has championed the promotion of culture and art in Israel, and offers its residents and visitors a wide range of cultural events. More than anything, Bat Yam has become identified with original and publicly accessible Israeli art, the kind that introduces culture to the streets while making art a common public heritage. You can experience this wonderful manifestation of culture on the streets at the end of August. I invite all of you to come and celebrate with us 20 years of an festival which has no equal in Israel.


Yossi Bachar

Mayor of Bat Yam

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אדם מניע באויר חישוק ענק שנראה כמו מודל של מערכת השמש
Greetings from the Minister of Culture and Sport to the Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art, 2017
Greetings from the Minister of Culture and Sport to the Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theater and Art, 2017

Welcome to the Bat Yam International Festival of Street Theatre and Art, the Bat Yam International Festival is one of the flagships of art and theater in the public sphere throughout the entire Middle East. The festival operates with great success and attracts every year, during the summer vacation, the best artists and creators from Israel and abroad. The original productions created for the festival have given it a reputation as a quality, important and leading cultural enterprise in the its field. Thanks to its good name, tens of thousands of people come to the festival to experience colorful, myriad and innovative theater in front of the backdrop of the magnificent promenade of Bat Yam. Making culture accessible to the public in the public sphere is the fulfillment of my policy as the Minister of Culture. I encourage the leaders of local councils, through the innovative “Urban Cultural Basket” (Sal Tarbut Ironi) ordinance and through other professional ordinances, to develop and nurture festivals and cultural events that are open to the public for free. The Bat Yam International Festival is a professional festival that has been supported for many years by the professional ordinance for supporting performing arts festivals and is considered one of the finest of its class. The festival is a testimony to the flourishing of culture in the city of Bat Yam which leads to international and local cultural initiatives. I would like to thank the Mayor of Bat Yam, Mr. Yossi Bachar, the Artistic Director of the festival, Mr. Amitai Yaish, and all those engaged in the important work of instilling culture in the public spaces of Bat Yam.




MK (Brig. Gen., res.), Miri Regev

Minister of Culture and Sport

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The Location of the Festival:

Bat Yam Promenade, Ben Gurion St., between Yoseftal and Yitzchak Sadeh.


Bat Yam Municipality, Department of Culture, 27 Hashmonaim Bat Yam. Phone: 03-5556350

 Address of the Festival offices: Nitzana 13 Bat Yam, FEST’FACTORY artists’ compound.
Phone: 03-5062210.




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