Urban Portrait
Photography Exhibition in Public Space

Inbar Raz Rothschild

Israeli Premier

“Collecting photographs is like collecting the world.” – Susan Sontag
My last year has included wandering the streets of Bat-Yam, collecting stories and photographs of young people from the city, of newly renovated streets and of a diverse population making up a complex city. These are stories of abandoned buildings and streets, empty industrial areas, bright and colorful buildings, spectacular new construction, and a diverse population comprised of sea vacationers, veteran residents, new immigrants, Ethiopians, Russians and local young people growing up. All of these puzzle pieces make up a rich and fascinating image of a city with a thousand faces.

“Photographs strive to show not just what is admirable, but also to expose what should be objected to, regretted – and amended” – Susan Sontag.
The Urban Portrait project was generated from the idea that photography chances perception: a photograph can change reality, just as reality completes the picture. This exhibition reveals the multi-faceted sights of the city of Bat-Yam, and includes photos of young people I encountered during my visit, as well as the urban landscape that accompanied my strolls through the city.
The hanging of the photographs themselves shall also become a vital portion of the street exhibition: during the three days of the festival, several teams will hang new photographs throughout the evening, rendering the festival exhibition an ever-changing one. The visiting public will be direct witness to both the exhibition’s and the city’s transformation.

***The project was developed within the framework of the artist’s stay at Fest’Factory, the artists’ facility at the International Festival of Street Theatre and Art in the Nitzana neighborhood of Bat-Yam.

Performers: Tamar Dovrin, Tomer Shafran, Balainesh Lakau, Doron Zadok, Yaron Ohayon and the Anat Commune – Scouts Association


Wednesday and Thursday 23-24/8
  • 19:30
  • 20:30