Local Pop Up – College of Management

Adi Nahum – Selected Final Project

Special for the Festival

Designer Nofar Zarfati: Production


A collection of temporary shop windows where you can see, buy and learn about products prepared by women from Bat Yam and the surrounding area.

In cooperation with the College of Management, Shutafot Coalition – Women’s Organizations for Economic Equality, Achoti (Sister) – for Women in Israel and the Bat Yam Women’s Council.

לוגו מועצת נשים ורסיות-2לוגו אחותילוגו מכללה למנהל - איכת גבוהההורדלוגו חלון מקומילוגו שותפותת


Wednesday and Thursday 23-24/8
  • All night
Saturday 26/8
  • All night