Bash Street Theatre, England | Cliffhanger

The story follows the fortunes of a love-sick café waiter as he becomes innocently embroiled in a prison escape. When the heroine is abducted by a convict, there ensues a series of hair-raising episodes as our hero strives to rescue his new-found love. Artistic Directors: Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering Directed by: David Twomlow Written … Continue Reading


The Primitives, Belgium | Wash it !

Alfredo, together with his accomplices Bill and Carlo, have been pickpocketting, windshield-washing and watch-pawning their way around Europe for years. But now they have a foolproof plan…  They throw their musical talent, best dance steps, sex appeal and a healthy dose of intimidation into the mix. Together the three try to convince passers-by to entrust … Continue Reading

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