Street Cat Competition

Our guests of honor this year are:

   LogoHatulRehov The Artistic Director of the leading street art festival in Europe – the FiraTàrrega Festival, Jordi Durani Roldós.

And the artistic director of the Imaginarius Festival in Portugal, Bruno Costa.

The winning performance will earn its creator a plane ticket and stay at the FiraTàrrega Festival on September 7th in Spain.


Artistic Guidance: David DuSH Barashi, Yogi Dekel. Producer: Roni Dembinsky.

The award ceremony will take place during the closing event of the festival.

Participating performances:

יואל רון284x158

Yoel Ron “Tennis Master”

A tennis master has arrived to show new techniques that will up your game to a new level.

בועז ניר שלום

Boaz Nir Shalom “The Janitor - A Comedy of Bubbles”

A tired janitor finds solace, humor and magic in the world of bubbles.


Ronen Sadis “Come Balloon”

A duet between a clown and a balloon.

עידן אלימלך

Idan Elimelech “IDAN”

A pantomime show and dance for the whole family.

אנה קניאל

Anna Kaniel “Afrocubanna”

A Cuban and African dancer with a ritual of color and movement.

קמה ברמן

Kama Berman “Midnight Has Come, He Isn’t Here”

He hasn’t arrived, this is the end and maybe…. the beginning.



A human saga with one object.

רינת גליקו

Rinat Galiko “Poetry Mask”

An actress changes typical characters from Israeli society and invited the audience to put on a mask and reveal themselves.

אנה סנגר

Anna Senger “Litzia - The Elderly Pianist”

Litzia is an elderly pianist struggling against her aging body to perform a piano concert.

בן רודשבסקי

Ben Rodashevski “B The Mentalist”

A dangerous and surprising magic show.