Over the past three years, the Festival’s artistic director has developed the FEST’FACTORY Artists’ Complex within the neighborhoods of Bat-Yam’ in order to link the festival’s artistic activity to the city and its residents. The FEST’FACTORY invited artists from various fields to for a residency in the complex, during which the artists developed works in the public sphere or with the community in Bat Yam, some of which will be exhibited at the festival.

The complex is proud to be home to more than 5 artists and artists in residency, some of whom are presenting works at the 2017 festival:

Oren Ailam, public space artist, with “Street Sound System“; Yael Meiry, multi-disciplinary artist, with “What Once Grew“; Ofir Yudilevitch, choreographer and dancer, with “Concrete“; Galit Criden and May Zarhy, choreographers and dancers, with “WALK“; Ricardo Werdesheim and Moran Somer, animators, with “Links” (together with Osi Wald); “Subtext” – The Youth Theater of Bat Yam – directors: Karen Cohen Israeli and Li Nachat Shalom, with “Yes to Bird’s Nest” (together with Alon Birger); Leoni Schein, archival artist; Inbal Oshman, choreographer; Inbar Rothschild, plastic artist and photographer; Amit Drori, director and designer.

Artistic Director: Amitay Yaish Benuosilio | Producer: Natan Skop

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Photos: Inbar Rothschild, Uri Rubinstein, Tami Porat



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Amitay Yaish Benuosilio